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I would like to write a short piece about the steem power delegation, one of the best function, at least for me, that we can enjoy by using the STEEM blockchain.

Many people get into crypto for the technology behind it. This new revolutionary tech that can potentially change the world for good, at least from the crypto nerds point of view, and give back the freedom to the people by putting back the money directly into their control.

No middle man, no bank, no central government are required for cryptocurrency to work! A permissionless, decentralized, and, at least talking about BITCOIN, a secure, really global payment network, and a digital gold store of value.

In addition to what said above, the crypto are programmable money, based on a true consensus mechanism. The monetary policy is hard coded, and decided by the participants of the network, and it is immutable. Just if new consensus is reached it’s possible to hard fork, and change the rules, but it is a very long and difficult process, as we witness with the BITCOIN and BCASH situation.

Said so, it is impossible to ignore that many people get into crypto because of the INVESTMENT opportunity!
Even now during this terrific bear market, many are looking into an investment opportunity for an asset class that rised more than 3000% in less than 6 years!!!

But how can you stay safe and invest with confidence in an environment with no regulations, no middleman and completely decentralized?
How can you give your trust and invest, where the operator can be wherever in the world, and once you trusted to him or she your money there is no institution that can revert the transaction once confirmed in the blockchain.
Today, for me the answer is obvious: it is impossible, but I learned it the hard way, like the majority of us unfortunately!

I got in crypto in late 2013, and it became a mania in late 2014!
I invested, I borrowed, and I got scammed, than I decided not to risk a single satoshi anymore!
I’ve been scammed by and, and somebody on didn’t repay the loan I contribute to fund

It looks like ages ago, but it was just 3 years ago, when I lost something like 8 BTC, not a big deal back than, lesson learned I thought.

During the years, thousands of PONZI and scams of all sorts rised and collapsed stealing millions of COINS from people not expert enough.

Many projects are simply labeled as SCAM, even if they could be legit, but HOW CAN YOU TRUST in a TRUSTLESS environment like cryptocurrencies?


It was something I was waiting for a while already, both as an investor, and as a project operator. Now I can invest simply if I like the project without having the trouble of TRUST or KNOW the operator, and I can develop my own project without the fear of being labeled as SCAMMER and trash my reputation online!

I can delegate my steem power, so my MONEY, getting a profit, and if the project doesn’t fulfill my expectations, I can get back my money with no issue at all with simply a click.
The operator can not stop me from getting my money back, or move them elsewhere or whatever, he or she can just operate the project as promised and use my delegated SP to power it, as long as I keep the delegation on.

At the same time I can propose to the public my project, and no one can accuse me to run a PONZI, because you simply do not trust your coins to me!

This is a huge step forward in crypto environment, something that this industry needed a lot.

Already many fantastic projects have been developed on top of steem blockchain, this website is a huge example, but I hope to see thousand of small, and medium size projects rise and thrive here, giving back the possibility for smart people, even alone, even from their room, with just their talent to develop their own ideas, to rise money and sustain themselves in a clean SCAM free and profitable environment.

Thanks for reading

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