Status of the network 11/11/2018

Hello dear Followers/Readers/Visitors/Investors,

I would like to write a short post about the progress of this project during the last few weeks.

Still the network is extremely small, and we have practically no traffic, but finally we are able to see the first, small, results of our work!

Even if the traffic is close to zero, our bounce rate is not bad, the visitors spend at least 2 minutes on our sites, and visit more than 1 page per visit, this means that they are interested, and curious about this project.

Finally we have started to post regularly on one of our blog (, we are satisfied with the quality of the automated posts, and we are working to code more automated post solutions for that specific blog. For now we are posting there once every 6 hours, but next week we are confident we will be able to post once every 3 hours with 2 different posts templates.

For now the posts are DATA analysis of BITCOIN historical TRADE data for the pair BTC-EURO, and the new ones are SENTIMENTS analysis on BITCOIN related TWEETS.

Due to the fact that we are cryptocurrency lovers, we started to shares our posts on the STEEM blockchain via STEEMIT as well. This is our steem account: , our account has a small amount invested, that allow us to play around the blockchain, and to have a very small return on our posts there.

That’s all for today!

Thanks for reading, and in case you wish to contact us here the links:


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