Status of the network 28/10/2018

Dear Followers, and readers,

I would like to write a short post about the current status of this project, and  my plans for the future.

As today 28/10/2018, Just this website, and one blog ( are online, and just this one is currently active.
I’m still working on the A.I. ,  and as today it is not able to create an acceptable quality text for our blogs, so we need to be a bit patient and keep working on the code until we will reach a minimum quality for our contents.
I’m quite confident that the results will arrive soon !

Meanwhile, I started to work on a side, but very important part of this project, the social network presence.
At the beginning no one knows about us, and in order to spread the voice to the world, and let the people knowledge that we exist, I decided to use my coding skills, and to start a social network campaign.
I coded few bots that are working mainly on Twitter, and less on Insagram and Facebook. The idea is to get as more follower as possible without using a payable ads campaign but just my software. So far the results are acceptable, in 3 days, since when I first launch the Twitter bot, I got 44 new followers.

I’m also excited that I earned the first 18 Satoshis with A-ADS! Taking into consideration that there are no contents and traffic, this is a good result.

Thanks for reading 😉

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